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Need LS Invite?
Aug 27, 13 11:26 AM
Aug 15, 13 9:57 PM
A friendly hello
Jun 23, 12 11:52 PM
Server Merges
Feb 17, 12 4:23 PM
Updates! Updates!! Updates!!!
Apr 17, 11 12:27 AM

Need LS Invite?

LunisRa, Aug 27, 13 11:26 AM.
If you need invite to ls, send whisper to:
Aricelia Vierre
Bradbury Ros
Larien Sylves
Elov Duo

we will set u up


LunisRa, Aug 15, 13 9:57 PM.

we're rolling on RAGNAROK if anybody was wondering thx

A friendly hello

Daeana, Jun 23, 12 11:52 PM.
Well I know it has been ages since we all turned our heads to FFXIV.  There have been some other pretty cool games out there since like Starwars the Old Republic and World of Warcraft Cataylism as well as Diablo 3 and much much more.  Well I just wanted to let you guys know that lots has happened on FFXIV and it has been some amazing changes and some bad ones to the game is getting ready to hit another Beta Period just like FFXI did after it first came out.  Version 2.0 is gearing up for realise and there have been some huge content updates over the past few years I would love to see my family come back and maybe give it a second shot so I figured it was time to post and get you guys at least turning an Eye in our direction again.  If you intrested I really suggest going to FFXIV lodestone and getting the skinny on it. I think that it will be great some of the old names have come back like WHITEMAGE BLACKMAGE MONK PALADIN WARRIOR BARD and DRAGOON the world is making strides at tring to get the Fan base back on track and work out the kinks that so many people had issues with the are quest of all kinds Mounts and much more that have been added the power have been adjusted and there is lots of other things that would be great to take a few looks at.   I think it is note worthy anyways   Larlar had made a bit stop the other day it was great to see you in game I would love to see a few more familiar faces and NOW is the time to gear up again cause the world is about to get a BOMB droped on it litterly to reshape the world for when 2.0 comes out the have really made some leaps and bounds here guys.  SO if you not to busy come gear up again check it out see what you think read over lodestone I will be happy to help out anyone that I can if you guys come back in. I am here Waiting for you.   

P.S.  What ever game you guys are in I am glad that you have enjoyed your stays but Moogle ARMY is hard to be an ARMY with 2 people lol Home just aint the same with out all of you. I am going to Open a fourm as well post your thoughs and stuff there hope to hear back from some of you and KEEP FIGHTING THE MOOGLE FIGHT WHERE EVER YOU ARE.

Server Merges

LunisRa, Feb 17, 12 4:23 PM.
In order to improve the player experience, we will be merging Worlds on Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

We have reevaluated the World merge system based on the large amount of user feedback we received in response to the World Merge and Character Transfers update of February 9. Now that the details of the new World merge system have been decided, we recommend that all players review the World Merge Summary and Notes Regarding the World Merge and World Transfer.

This World merge is intended to improve the player experience during the period up to the launch of FFXIV Version 2.0. New Worlds may be added in the future, for example after the relaunch or when player numbers increase.

Wutai + Gysahl -> Masamune

All linkshells shall be carried over to the new merged Worlds.
* The Lodestone linkshell pages will also be carried over.
* Players who transfer from the new merged World to a different World will be removed automatically from all linkshells in the current World.
* If the linkshell master leaves the merged World and transfers to a different World, the master will no longer be a linkshell member, but the linkshell itself will continue to exist in the merged World.

Updates! Updates!! Updates!!!

Bermy101, Apr 17, 11 12:27 AM.
Hey everyone! I just stepped in the game for a few hours to check on some of the updated content, and it's looking pretty good. I'm still by no means hooked (although surprisingly there are a good amount of players online... in Ul'dah), but if they can add more content AND give the game more of a community-based feel I'll surely change my mind. Anyways, I figured I'd highlight some of the noteworthy changes....

For starters, NPC quests were finally added! There are only a handful at the moment that I've come across, but all NPCs with quests have this little exclamation bubble above their heads... pretty handy. These should give you some motivation to go kill stuff, or... well you get the picture (o_o;).

Second, monsters are HUGE!! I was running by some Fat Dodos earlier... and their names pretty well fit their physique. I'd like to see a Lalafell sit next to one of these guys =)

Another improvement was the market wards--not only do we have a way to look for whatever we may want, but we have WHO is selling them, for HOW MUCH, and WHERE they are located!! Props on SE for this one, and hopefully we'll get some sort of auction house at some point, although I'd be perfectly fine with this... kind of.

A few other noteworthy changes are the new constant MP refresh, some new Notorious Monsters, much improved crafting (granted they nerfed the experience gained -_-), filtered targetting, a very much improved UI, and plenty more. With more updates on the way, if they can give XIV some more of that classic XI feel it'll be golden for my tastes.
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